Social Anxiety Could Be Confused for Something else and misdiagnosed.

When trying to narrow down what the cause of our social anxiety is, there can sometimes be complications if we have several existing conditions at the same time.  This is known as comorbidity  and it makes accurate diagnosis extremely difficult. In other cases, it may appear we have one disorder when actually we have something all together different. This article will explore how some disorders can have symptoms that overlap and make it difficult to know just what the problem is.Comorbid Overlap Diagram


Dyslexia, mood disorder and ADHD may be present at the same time OR there may only be one, but it mimics the symptoms of another disorder, to such an extent, that it is misdiagnosed OR one disorder can actually cause another.

Patients who have ADHD will also have Dyslexia in around 15% of cases. Poor mood regulation and stress management often go along with both of these disorders.

Overlapping Symptom Sets

Just for simplicity, let’s say that ADHD and General Mood Disorders have 10 describable symptoms each. Overlap would mean that around 8 of the symptoms in both disorders are similar or identical. The two disorders are similar enough that one is often confused for the other.

Mimetic DisordersMIrror

This also means that some disorders will ‘mirror’ or mimic other disorders.

In many cases there may not be an underlying disorder and symptoms that mimic true disorders could be results of lifestyle, ie. Poor diet, lack of physical activity, negative self-talk and maladaptive behavior.


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