Guide to Dating for the Socially Anxious Man

This is the shy guy’s manual to meeting the right girl and keeping her. If you are introverted and don’t often approach women, but want to have more success in the dating world, the tactics in this article can completely turn your luck around.

Many men are excessively introverted and do not have the gift of gab. Chatting up a beautiful women can seem like an impossible feat that only confident men can accomplish. This is not so. You can get the woman of your dreams and this guide will show you how.

As a shy guy, I experienced rejection, from women I wanted to get to know, many times. I practiced trying to become more extroverted so that when the time was right, I would be able to speak to whoever I needed to. This is something that’s known as Exposure Therapy and while it did help, it didn’t directly get me the results I wanted in the dating department.

It wasn’t until I accepted the fact that I’m naturally shy and that I was going to work with my personality instead of against it that I started to have success. I realized that my strength did not lie in being able to approach that beautiful girl sitting alone readying a book at the book store, nor the girl dancing in the club. My strength was in methodical preparation and wining women’s trust over time.

When reading this guide, the most important thing you can do is try to recognize the broader patterns behind the examples. Some may not apply to you but the idea, the example is meant to illustrate, can be used by anyone. If you read something that doesn’t seem to apply to your situation, ask yourself how that particular tactic could be applied in a broader sense.

Here are the seven chapters of this guide that will help you to improve your chances:

  1. Getting Started
    • This is your warm-up and your first step on the path to finding great love.
  2. The Charm in Us All
    • Within every man lies a charming gentlemen. Learn to uncover and get to know yours.
  3.  What to Wear
    • This area communicates a world of info about you to women. Don’t under estimate its importance. Tell her and the world the right thing about you, be understood and attract the right girl.
  4. Body Language
    • Projecting the right energy can completely change women’s reaction to you. Practice makes perfect here.
  5. Personal Hygiene
    • Most men believe they have this down. You take daily showers, you brush your teeth and fix your hair, but a woman’s eye has such acute attention to detail, I guarantee you will find a few things here that need sprucing up (from a women’s perspective).
  6. Getting to Know the Fairer Sex
    • A women’s mind is a beautiful place. They are often accused of being overly complex, but the reality is, women say the same thing about men. We confuse each other across the board and it is paramount in the dating world to understand women as you too want to be understood.
  7. Going on a Date
    • This is the final chapter to this guide. It is placed last intentionally as you’ll need to spend some time preparing before you can have success on a date. Going out on a date, only to never hear from that girl again can be incredibly discouraging.  Do the preparation first so you have the confidence you need to meet the right girl.

All the 7 steps will be published successively. Stay tuned for the final steps to learn more about how to get the girl of your dreams as a socially anxious man.



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