The Socially Anxious Man’s Guide to Online Dating Part 2: Your Photo

Your photo is the first thing any woman will see when looking at your profile. Give a little extra time to this part and put your best foot forward. Women may put less emphasis on looks than we do, but there are some absolute musts when it comes to photos for the socially anxious man.

This may seem like a snooze but trust me, putting just a little bit of thought into your photo can put you way ahead of the game.

1. Focus on style and building your own personal image.

I am not suggesting that you dawn 20 pieces of flare and completely re-do your whole image. I want you to stay you but it is absolutely vital that your image conveys one single thing loudly and clearly: “I take care of myself”.

The next time you go get your haircut, don’t check-in online. Instead, go during a time when you’ll have a wait. Sit down and pick up the hair style magazines and just look. You will notice something very important, you will notice what you don’t like and may get lucky enough to have a few creative ideas about what you want.

Simply focusing and being aware of what makes men appear that they are well-kept and care about themselves will raise your chances of finding the girl you want by another factor of a million.After you are sure that your appearance conveys the message of ‘self-care’, you can move on to taking the photos.

             Your headshot should be one of you in a moment when you’re relaxed, calm and able to produce a real and genuine smile.

This is you at your best. This is not a lie. It is your best foot forward and nothing else. It should be taken after you’ve recently had a hair-cut if you keep your hair short. Your shirt should be clean and wrinkle free. If you are a free spirit and looking for a hippie girl, that is great. This section is to get you to focus on your looks, whatever your style may be.

2. Pay close attention to the angle of your shot.

Every face is unique and so will look better from different angles. Be sure not to have your head tilted too far back. Pictures taken at the same level as your nose or slightly higher tend to turn out the best. Very few pictures taken from below chin level turn out well.

If you are looking down your nose, you will project a sense of arrogance. In some cases, one side of your face may make you look better than the other. Experiment with different angles to see which angle makes you look best.

Click like, share this article and post your comments below. Stay tuned for part 3 of the Socially Anxious Man’s Guide to Online Dating.
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