Introducing The ‘Be More Social’ Top Contributor Program

Be More Social would like to recognize the contribution its members have made. Many of our members are working hard behind the scenes to ease the social anxiety of other group members.

Participation is encouraged but not a requirement.

Introducing the ‘Be More Social – Top Contributor Program’

Help out the group and your drink and snacks are on us at your next meeting!

Below, you find ways that you can help Be More Social out which will earn you credits that you can put towards snacks, drink, t-shirts and other in-group booty. Credits can be spent in the group to buy things like T-Shirts, snacks, drinks and more.

We’ll also be accepting donations in lieu of time and effort contributions. Each one of the below listed items will be offered as a thank you for your donations. Funds will go directly to making the group better, covering costs for our website, fees and meeting spaces.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can earn and how to gain credits and be recognized in the group.

What you get as a Top Contributor:
The Loot Earned Credits Needed to Get Item  Donation
T-Shirts 30,000 or  $     15.00
Snack 15,000 or  $      5.00
Drink 3,000 or  $      2.00
Dinner 60,000 or  $    30.00

 How to earn the street-cred you need:
How to Earn Credits What to Do Credits Earned
Moderating a meeting Plan out all of the material and run the meeting. Guide members in group conversation and activities.                 5,000
Proof reading Proof read one page (about 1,500 words) read for spelling, grammar and wording mistakes.                  2,000
Filling out a survey within 10 days Complete a short survey about your group experience.                      500
Bringing materials to meetings This includes books, videos and any other resource or material that has helped you with anxiety.                      500
Attending a meetup Credits start on your 3rd meeting with credit given for all 3 meetings attended.                      500
Contributing ideas at a Brainstorming Session Separate meetings where members will come together and brainstorm ideas for future meetings, exercises and material.                   1,000

What Be More Social needs most right now are good proof readers for the website.

Credits will add up quickly at each meeting so you can cash in. Here’s an example of the way members will earn credit for their help.

Example:            Jane runs a meeting, proof reads 3 pages, fills out 4 surveys and has attended 20 meetings and brought materials to 12 meetings.

Using the credit amounts above, Jane’s total would be $45,000 which she earned that super-fast!

There are even more ways to show your talents in the group!

Here a few more things that any member can to instantly boost their karma and get the accolades they deserve.

Instant karma
Guest Blogging on our website Think you have an excellent idea that can help socially anxious folks. Write all about it and we’ll showcase you as a guest author on our website.
Sponsoring a Member For those that are feeling a bit more emotionally available, we invite you to support a fellow member. You’ll provide moral support during meetings and if you’re up to it, you can provide your contact info.
Be More Social Find the new people and go and sit next to them. Introduce yourself and introduce them to the way the group works and the people in it.

We thank members who have already been contributing and can’t wait to see the great things new members will bring. We hope that you continue to Be More Social in your daily life and we’ll see you at the next meeting!

Diana & Daniel

Be More Social

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