Guide to Dating for the Socially Anxious Man Part III: What to Wear that Will Knock her Socks Off

Wearing the right clothes can make all the difference when it comes to how women view you. You want to be appreciated for what’s inside, but you’ll have to make a good impression before she’ll take the time to get to know you. Here are some tips on what to wear for the Socially Anxious man who’s looking for the right girl.

There is no one secret item that you can put on that will immediately turn your luck around with women. The most important thing is to remember that women are naturally detail-oriented. This means that, at very least, your socks must match. A woman will notice the color of your under shirt, the smell of your cologne, the patterns on your socks and the style of your hair. This doesn’t mean that they’re judging you. This is an opportunity to show that you know how to care for yourself.

If you think you need to improve the way you dress, you will have to sit with this idea and learn, over time, what looks good on you and what doesn’t. 

Many of us with Social Anxiety get nervous and will reject the idea that we can actually look good. Sit with this feeling and let it pass. This is a part of your present programming and definitely can be changed for the better.

Only after you have truly sat with this feeling and experienced it can you move past it and then focus enough to make yourself look good.

7 Steps to Looking and Feeling Better

1. Buy a full length mirror

One that allows you to see yourself from head to toe and can be attached to your bedroom wall. Make a habit of reviewing your attire every day before you leave your home.

 2. Review your appearance in the mirror.

Stand in front of the mirror, take a good look and a deep breath. Now look again. Take your time and be aware of the nervous tendency to believe that we don’t deserve to look good.

social-anxiety-christmas-elf3. Check that your colors are matching.

Do not leave the house with both red and green on at the same time unless you are going to a Christmas party as an elf.

Your belt color should match your shoes, ie. Black belt, black shoes. Earthy brown and beige colors can be matched with blues, and black shirts are a safe bet with jeans.

4. Check for good alignment.

If you are wearing anything with buttons, check that they are in line with your belt buckle. You should have a straight line going down the middle of your body. For example, a polo or golf shirt with a normal undershirt underneath will disrupt that sense of alignment. If you are wearing a shirt that has buttons, such as a polo, be sure to wear a V-neck or A-shirt under it and not a regular t-shirt.

5. Dress for the occasion.

If you’re going to a nice place, you’ll want to wear a shirt that buttons from top to bottom and has a nice collar. If you’re going out for a game night, a nice t-shirt polo works great.

6. Choose the right pair of shoes.

Shoes are very important to many women and we’re not talking about their shoes. It’s no coincidence that many women spend so much time shopping for shoes; they focus on our shoes as well. Your shoes must be clean, in good shape, modern and sharp-looking and also match your clothes.

7. Choose good brand products that have a good fit and are the correct size.

Everything you wear should be the right size and a good fit. There shouldn’t be too much excess material anywhere nor should there be any excessively tight spots.

Your pants should have just a little bit of overlap with your shoes. Too much and your pants will have a wrinkled, disheveled appearance. Too little and you’ll be wearing high-waters like Steve Urkel.

Calvin Klein is a good bet for modern-fitting attire that expresses maturity while American Eagle is better for a relaxed, younger look. You can find quality brands at stores such as Ross and Marshalls. They will have quality brands that are normally very expensive, but at a fraction of the cost.

You may have the romantic idea of being accepted for who you already are and there’s nothing wrong with that, but Remember that if you want a woman to look nice, she’ll expect the same thing from you.

What you choose to wear is an integral part of your own style and can speak volumes about how you feel towards yourself. Dressing nicely will give you a lift on your general mood and you’ll find that you’ll love dressing nicely for yourself without the need to impress anyone else.

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