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If you would like to see this group to continue, please make a donation here. This group is completely self funded and could not continue without support from its members.

We use a third party service to organize meetings and manage memberships. Click here to see more information about Be More Social in Atlanta, Georgia.

We meet twice a month and share what we do to help us feel better. We are solution focused and productive. Meetings start with a short discourse to set the topic, give information and sometimes even do group activities and exercises that are designed to help social manage anxiety. After that, the majority of the meeting is open sharing where members get to connect with others that are respectful and listen.

Members get to meet people that understand what they’re going through, hear solutions  and tips from other members as well as share their story and be heard. Of course, sharing is optional and anonymous. This group has many repeat visitors so it’s an ongoing system of support.  New members are very welcome and old members will give you a warm welcome.

Membership comes with a guide pact full of helpful info and resources for Social Anxiety. Find it here.
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