Happiness is in Your Community, Not in the Store.

The message in this video is the same message that we’ve communicated in almost all of our posts. We believe that the reason Social Anxiety exists is because there is something malignant in today society and it centers around our culture of consumerism.

It’s in our DNA to be social. We cannot live well without it due to eons of evolving in groups, not in isolation.

The video starts at minute 5:43 which is where they make the same point we’re making, but please watch the whole video to get the bigger picture.





Empathy & Community

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes and relate to them. But how do you learn to relate to people if you didn’t grow up forming close bonds with people you saw often?

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Does Anxiety make you unfocused or does being unfocused create anxiety?

Having an abundance of anxiety can create a shortage of attention and vice versa. But which causes which?

When we’re anxious, our thoughts tend to race and be unclear. Anxiety naturally blurs our ability to see things clearly. Continue reading “Does Anxiety make you unfocused or does being unfocused create anxiety?”

Social Anxiety & The Community

In order to find the cause of Social Anxiety and Excessive shyness, we have to look deep down inside ourselves and our environment. We are directly linked to the communities we live in. Our introverted nature, as socially anxious individuals, is directly related to the environment we grow up in.

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Empathy ~ An Unlikely Fix for Social Anxiety

Fear and anxiety can dull the senses, reshape the brain and kill neurons. The loss of sensitivity includes a diminished ability to recognize and respond to the feelings of others. Social Anxiety develops from repeated negative experiences, largely due to our insensitivity to others.
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Physical Causes for Anxiety

While it is necessary to consult a doctor if you have a physical health problem, you may not have been made aware that certain physical conditions (including your daily habits) are capable of causing chronic anxiety. Continue reading “Physical Causes for Anxiety”

How Shame Weighs Down the Socially Anxious Person

It is hard to look people in the eyes when you are ashamed of your past actions. How we feel about the things we’ve done can sometimes be like carrying around a large weight  on our shoulders.
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Social Anxiety Could Be Confused for Something else and misdiagnosed.

When trying to narrow down what the cause of our social anxiety is, there can sometimes be complications if we have several existing conditions at the same time.  This is known as comorbidity  and it makes accurate diagnosis extremely difficult. In other cases, it may appear we have one disorder when actually we have something all together different. This article will explore how some disorders can have symptoms that overlap and make it difficult to know just what the problem is. Continue reading “Social Anxiety Could Be Confused for Something else and misdiagnosed.”

Understanding Anxiety – Getting to the Root of the Problem

Anxiety may be part of a chain of possible causes. Like dominoes falling, one problem causes another. Anxiety’s place on the chain varies from person to person and getting the root of the problem is of utmost importance. Continue reading “Understanding Anxiety – Getting to the Root of the Problem”