Meditation is not Mystical. It’s for Everyone.

Meditation is just a word. It conjures images of mysticism and far off lands. The idea of meditation is intertwined with eastern philosophy and fringe science but there is another way to practice relaxing and letting go to treat Social Anxiety.

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Empathy ~ An Unlikely Fix for Social Anxiety

Fear and anxiety can dull the senses, reshape the brain and kill neurons. The loss of sensitivity includes a diminished ability to recognize and respond to the feelings of others. Social Anxiety develops from repeated negative experiences, largely due to our insensitivity to others.
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How Shame Weighs Down the Socially Anxious Person

It is hard to look people in the eyes when you are ashamed of your past actions. How we feel about the things we’ve done can sometimes be like carrying around a large weight  on our shoulders.
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The Practice of Letting Go

Social Anxiety is a vicious cycle. It is a feedback loop that self sustains.

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