Proof Reading Articles

Thank you for contributing to ‘Be More Social‘ by proofreading website articles!

You will receive a link to the articles  in text format. Please use ‘Suggesting’ mode in Google Docs. This will track the edits you make so that the website can be quickly updated.


Here’s somethings to focus on when proofreading.

Order/Progression of Ideas

  1. Ideas that are out of order, as in not explained in a logical order that makes sense to most people.
  2. Overly complex wording used to communicate simple ideas.

Grammar Mistakes

  1. Prepositional mistakes. Ex, on the club, instead of in….  in 6pm instead of at….     , etc.,
  2. Context misspellings. Ex: Their at work today…. I went to school than I went out with friends….      I don’t no the…..  I’m form Italy instead of from.

Incorrectly Sourced Material

  1. There should be no plagiarism on the website. If you spot anything that you have heard before and is not cited with a name and link to their material, please mark it and make comments.
  2. It may be necessary to review the article online to see if there’s a link to the original author’s material since the Google Doc is text only.

Adding Your Material

  1. Feel free to add material from your own research. Highlight your own words, like this. That way I know what you’ve added.
  2. If it’s more than a few words here and there. Create a separate document and send the file or link. We’ll put it through our review process and consider it for a possible guest post on our website.

Your efforts will be recognized on the Be More Social’s ‘Top Contributor Program’ board. We will be keeping a tally of the points you earn so that you can use them towards drinks, snacks, t-shirts and other items at meetings. Thanks again and Be More Social!